Mindshift Gear Review

When a box of MindShiftGear arrived at the shop for me to review, I was beyond excited.

Not only is it the start of cooler weather, but my best friend, Christine has returned from spending nearly a year in Hungary. We made plans to visit our favorite coffee shop in Doylestown, and then venture on a hike around a lake in the suburbs.

We spent a good hour catching up and looking over the bag. From our first impression, we were terribly confused as were the rest of the team back at the shop. We understood that it came with a pack that was hidden in the body of the bag…but where were we supposed to access it? This is probably one of the two negative things we came across with this backpack. We determined that there shouldn’t be a need for written or photographic visual instructions on how to use a photography backpack. Thankfully, you do get a beautifully designed visual guide on how to setup and use the bag. Checkout their video review: HERE.

Being a filmmaker and photo enthusiast I was looking forward to taking this bag out and running around with a few of my favorite cameras. The bag arrived with the standard pouch, so it didn’t fit more than the camera body with a lens attached to it and the one additional lens. We thought that was fine. In the video it says it’ll fit your iPad or iPad mini. To be safe, I would probably say iPad Mini with the standard pouch.

We were able to store another small scale Canon Rebel XTi with Lens Baby and my Mamiya C220 in the upper pocket of the backpack. If we had planned to travel on a more serious hike or camp, we would not be able to take the additional film camera or DSLR. This is something to keep in mind. We still had room for snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen, and small camera accessories in the small upper pouch on the top of the bag.

The lombard support offered with this backpack however, is out of this world! For the price class of this backpack we were very surprised by the comfort and strap adjustments offered. Someone carrying a full pack would be comfortable for a long period of time.

We did not get a chance to take advantage of the drink pocket that’s offered for your beverages, but it’s great and gives you the ability to run a drinking tube so you don’t have to remove the bottle to access it every time you need a refreshment.

If you’re looking for a backpack that will give you room for a jacket, or a change of clothes and plan to travel with one camera, and two – three lenses you will be happy with the rotational ability offered and the comfort of the Rotation180° Panorama 22L.

Photos taken at Peace Valley Park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Blog and Photos by Rachel Marie Smith.

Thank you to Brian at ThinkTank and MindShiftGear for making this review possible.