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Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

As a subcontractor to Janssen Pharmaceuticals, I have had the opportunity to run meetings and prep for larger scale, in house corporate interviews, webcasts, webinars and internal content videos for various branches within J&J. If I'm not a videographer, I prep and run teleprompter during the recorded portions of these pieces, or run the livestream as a producer.

With the proper lighting and green screen set a virtual desk was created. This is an example and not the final product for this piece.



An example of a smaller scale recording. This piece is part of an interactive iPad application. Similar to a choose your own adventure, but for the medial field. An actor was hired to read from a teleprompter.

All of these examples were recorded on various 4K camera setups for export to mobile and web based media. Primarily BM and BM stream-decks.

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