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The God's Eye

A young couple finds a cursed book in the woods.

The God's Eye was a short film written, shot and produced by Rachel Marie Smith, with the great supportive help of her film family, actual family, and the talented cast. The short film was originally a part of a series of other short films all connected by a end of summer bonfire party. At some point in the character's journey they had to appear at the bonfire. The feature film, Summerland never came to fruition, but a couple of the filmmakers did shoot and complete their shorts.

“You don't just find a book and read incantations out of it!” - Harper

When Avery takes Harper on a forest hike, he stumbles and finds an old book. When a creature starts coming after them they must make a decision...

Don't Leave Skeletons in the Closet

As indie filmmakers we are our own audience and crew often in many cases. This short film was short in 2013 and it wasn't touched until February 2018. I've learned a lot since 2013 in terms or editing and killing your darlings. This argument scene, shown above has been cut.

There is a healthy amount of time to let a film breathe before diving into an edit, especially if it's your own piece that you've written and directed...five years is way too long of a wait time.

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